The 411 On Your First Business Loan

By Sean Salas — Founder and CEO of Camino Financial

Many small businesses struggle with lack of access to capital and thin credit files. Azlo teamed up with the Sean Salas, CEO of Camino Financial for this webinar that will give you the 411 on what it takes to get your first business loan and what to know about managing debt.

Topics: º When should I get a business loan? º What should I use the loan for? º What is the a difference between a personal and business loan? º How are the terms different? º What kind of revenue is needed to secure a loan? º How does my personal credit score affect my application? º What kinds of products does CF provide?

Guest Bio: Sean Salas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Camino Financial alongside his twin brother, Kenny Salas. The twin brothers were raised by an entrepreneurial mother, who built and lost her business. While completing their MBAs at Harvard Business School, the Twins co-founded Camino Financial under the notion of never leaving a small business owner behind. As CEO of Camino Financial, Sean has built a team of 20 employees, fundraised $25+ million in equity and debt, and built a ground-breaking, lending-as-a-service partnership with a community bank. Previously, Sean worked in private equity and investment banking and is often featured as a commentator discussing FinTech and Latino entrepreneurship, including appearances on Univision, CNN and NBC.

More about Camino Financial:

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